Phytoscience SIMPLY Parfum Elixir



Non-Alcohol Perfume Potion For A Long Lasting, Lingering Scent

Designer inspired fragrances formulated with high quality perfume oils for HIM & for HER. These roll-ons are especially created for those on-the-go. It can be taken anywhere to allow the olfactory pleasure of wearing perfume at any time. Its unique size makes it discreet and elegant to use. Great gifts for everyone!


  • Monday : ROMA – Inspired by Romance Always Yours by Ralph Lauren
  • Tuesday : BOSS LADY – Inspired by Boss Women by Hugo Boss
  • Wednesday : NINA – Inspired by Nina by Nina Ricci
  • Thursday : DUST – Inspired by Fairy Dust by Paris Hilton
  • Friday : GARDENIA – Inspired by Gardenia by Elizabeth Arden
  • Saturday : PURISON – Inspired by Pur Poison by Christian Dior
  • Sunday : RUNAWAY – Inspired by Escape by Calvin Klein