Forlife™ Intelligent Tonic



Forlife intelligent brain tonic Health & Brain Booster is a unique formula which enhances growth of mind, body & makes it easier for children to THINK QUICK & act as a POWERPACKED KID. Bring out your Child’s Best with the formulation 3 SUPER HERBS … Shankhpushpi is used to improve memory and intelligence. Brahmi is used as brain tonic. Ashwagandha is used to improve physical energy & increase immunity. An Ayurvedic proprietory Medicine Brahmi is one of the famous gifts of Ayurveda to the world. There is no herb that can improve intelligence naturally, better than this. Though it is more commonly known for its benefit in improving intelligence and memory, it is also an excellent anti aging, anti diabetic and anti oxidant herb. Licorice benefits are known to Indians since thousands of years. Its Sanskrit name is Yashtimadhu. It is one of the most commonly used Ayurvedic herbs. In almost every Indian household, you might find this herb chewed, whenever someone’s voice has gone down. Jatamansi is a famous Ayurvedic herb used in neuro-psychiatric diseases and skin diseases. It is called as spikenard in English. Its botanical name is Nardostachys jatamansi DC. Its reference in Ayurveda is found since the times of Charaka and Sushruta. Benefits of For life Intelligent tonic

• intelligent brain tonic rejuvenates nervous functions. It also helps in mental development of your kid.

• It is useful to improve voice quality of your kid. It helps in good speaking ability.

• It is an ideal tonic needed to boost the body immunity levels.

• Helps in increasing body strength and is useful for the treatment if body weakness.

• Enhances nerve impulse activity and neuro transmission within the brain. Direction of Use Dose : Consume within 30 days after opening .


  • Pennywort, Echinacea and Coneflower Plant Stem Cells soothe and help reduce visible fine lines and wrinkles
  • Green & Brown Algae Complex continuously quenches and hydrates, reinforcing skin’s natural barrier
  • Rose water refreshes as it helps calm, purify and stimulate circulation