Conybio Conytakara (Toxin Remover) – 10 Sachets



Conytakara mainly contains Bio-Ceramic and wood vinegar Powder. It effectively counters fatigue caused due to poor blood circulation. It helps to extract all the waste matters which is harmful to the body giving relief and comfort, when used. Usage: It is a foot care sachet which can be placed on the sole of the feet and removed the next day morning, You can notice sticky waste matters on the sachet.

  • Ingredients: Natural wood and Bamboo vinegar Distillate, Carapace, Vit C, Tourmaline, Negative Ion, Bio-Ceramic, Vit A, Cornstarch
  • Size: 10 Foot Care Sheets (12 x 10 = 120 gms)
  • Color: White ; Package Quantity: 10
  • Ideal for both men and women
  • Detox Foot Patch-Foot Care Sheet