1 x PhytoLifeCell Double Strength Callus Stem Cell 1 Pack(14 Sachets) 1500mg



PhytoLifeCell Double Strength Callus is an original product of Dr. Fred Z├╝lli(Mibelle Biochemistry Switzerland), manufactured at Ori BioNature Sdn Bhd(Malaysia). PHYTOCELLTECTM Double Stemcell contains different types of plant cell combinations by Swiss phyto stem cell technologies – PhytoCellTecTM MalusDomestica (apple stem cell) and PhytoCellTecTM Solar Vitis (grape stem cell), and is further enriched with nutrient-rich Acai berry and blueberry. The Role of Stem Cells in Skin:- The basal (innermost) layer of the skin’s epidermis comprises two basic types of cells: the slowly diving epidermal stem cells (that represent about 2-7% of the basal cell population) and (2) their rapidly dividing offspring that supply new cells to replace those that are lost or dying. The slow self-renewal process of epidermal stem cells, however, creates a problem. Because each epidermal stem cell only lasts for a certain number of divisions, and because each division runs the risk of lethal DNA mutation, the epidermal stem cell population can become depleted. When this happens, lost or dying skin cells begin to outnumber their replacement and the skin’s health and appearance start to decline. So what can be done? Scientists turned to plants for the answer. Plants also have stem cells. Like humans, plant stem cells depend on epigenetic control and signals from surrounding cells for their development. Unlike humans, however, each plant-derived adult stem cell possesses the ability to generate a whole new plant. Scientists in Mibelle BioChemistry have found a way to harness the power of plant stem cells by growing plant tissues in culture. Usage Recommendation:- Morning – 1 sachet under the tongue Evening – 1 sachet under the tongue (Best to consume on empty stomach & drink more water) Ingredients:- Mixed powder of Malus Domestica, Solar Vitis, Acai Berries, Blue Berries 14 sachets (1.2 g each)

  • Delay aging process, refine skin texture and improve complexion, enhance physical stamina and energy level, repair and rejuvenates skin, high anti-oxidant, and boost immunity system
  • 100 % Original Genuine PhytoLifeCell DOUBLE STEM CELLS